An insight into IVF – From Steele


So some of you may of noticed we have been absent from social media for the past couple of months. Firstly, I want to say sorry for that, but we have needed a quiet space and needed to put our focus elsewhere.

We have done a couple of posts on our Instagram about it, but for those of you who aren’t following us there (click here to come and join us if not!), we are currently in the thick of it with the full IVF process. Continue reading

A message from Steele…


With it being LGBT history month, we wanted to make sure that we are showing our support! Personally, I have no issues with my sexuality now. And I suppose I’m quite lucky that I have amazing friends who couldn’t give a shit about who I’m attracted too, and a family who don’t really care as long as I’m happy. But I know its not always that easy. And it certainly hasn’t been an easy journey for me to get here!  Continue reading